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The hidden land : the garrison system and the Ming dynasty
The hidden land : the garrison system and the Ming dynasty

Yin ni de jiang tu. English

China Perspectives

China perspectives series.
Gu, Cheng, 1934-2003, author.
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Yin ni de jiang tu. English
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xiv, 275 pages ; 25 cm.
China Perspectives

China perspectives series.
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Translated from the Chinese.
Translation of: Yin ni de jiang tu : wei suo zhi du yu Ming di guo.
A new analysis of cultivated land in the early Ming -- The transformation of the Ming garrison system in the Qing -- Territorial administration in the Ming dynasty -- The "garrison" category of household registration in the Ming -- Yongning guard : a southeastern coastal fortress in the Ming -- Military affairs of the late Ming -- A guide to the study of the Ming history -- Forty years of studies on the Ming history.
"'The Hidden Land' means that a large amount of land in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) was 'hidden' or unknown, since the land was managed by both the administrative and the military systems, and only the former was made public while the latter was being hidden due to confidentiality issues. This is one of the author's creative findings as a result of his solid textual research and rigorous argumentation. Since the Ming state management system had a great impact on the land, the population, the taxes and corvée, the imperial examinations, the justice, the grass-roots organizations and the frontier ethnics during the 500 years from Ming to Qing (1636-1912), the views on the garrisons and guards (weisuo) in the military system are of great help to review the essential issues of the period, which were often misunderstood or neglected before. In addition, the author introduces the present situation, existing problems and basic historical materials in the Ming study which will be beneficial to the Ming researchers and enthusiasts"-- Provided by publisher.
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