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Writing material culture history
Writing material culture history

Writing history

Writing history.
Gerritsen, Anne.


xiv, 338 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Writing history

Writing history.
Introduction: Writing Material Culture History / Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello -- Part I. The Disciplines of Material Culture -- Im-material Culture and History of Art(efacts) / Viccy Coltman -- Father Amiot's Cup and the fashioning of Antiquity / Kee Il Choi -- Written Texts and the Performance of Materiality / Catherine Richardson -- Material Culture, Archaeology and Defining Modernity : Case Studies in Ceramic Research / David Gaimster -- Broken Objects : Using Archaeological Ceramics in the Study of Material Culture / Suzanne F. Hood -- Anthropology, Archaeology, History and the Material Culture of Lycra / Kaori O'Connor -- Identity, Heritage and Memorialisation : The Tongkonan of the Toraja People of Indonesia / Kathleen M. Adams -- Exchange and Value : The Material Culture of a Chumash Basket / Dana Leibsohn -- Part II. The Histories of Material Culture -- Spaces of Global Interactions : The Material Landscapes of Global History / Anne Gerritsen and Giorgio Riello -- Cosmopolitan Relationships in the Crossroads of the Pacific Ocean / Christina Hellmich -- Invisible Beds : Health and the Material Culture of Sleep / Sandra Cavallo -- Material Culture and Sound : A Sixteenth-Century Handbell / Flora Dennis -- Lustrous Things : Luminosity and Reflection before the Light Bulb / Ann Smart Martin -- Objects of Emotions : The London Foundling Hospital Tokens, 1741-1760 / John Styles -- Materialism and Material History : The French Revolution in Wallpaper / Ulrich Lehmann -- Time, Wear and Maintenance : The afterlife of things / Victoria Kelley -- How Things Shape Us : Material Culture and Identity in the Industrial Age / Manuel Charpy -- Part III. The Presentation of Material Culture -- The Return of the Wunderkammer : Material Culture in the Museum / Ethan W. Lasser -- Europe, 1600-1800, in a Thousand Objects / Lesley Ellis Miller -- Objects of Empire : Museums, Material Culture, and Histories of Empire / John McAleer -- Interwoven Knowledge : The Understanding and Conservation of Three Carpets / Jessica Hallett and Raquel Santos -- Reading and Writing the Restoration History of an Old French bureau / Carolyn Sargentson -- History by Design : The UK Board of Trade Design Registers / Dinah Eastop -- Handle with Care : The Future of Curatorial Expertise / Glenn Adamson -- As Seen on the Screen : Material Culture, Historical Accuracy and the Costume Drama / Hannah Greig -- Online Resources / compiled with the help of Claire Tang.
"Writing Material Culture History examines the methodologies currently used in the historical study of material culture. Touching on archaeology, art history, literary studies and anthropology, the book provides history students with a fundamental understanding of the relationship between artefacts and historical narratives. The role of museums, the impact of the digital age and the representations of objects in public history are just some of the issues addressed in a book that brings together key scholars from around the world. A range of artefacts, including a 16th-century Peruvian crown and a 19th-century Alaskan Sea Lion overcoat, are considered, illustrating the myriad ways in which objects and history relate to one another. Bringing together scholars working in a variety of disciplines, this book provides a critical introduction for students interested in material culture, history and historical methodologies"-- Provided by publisher.

Includes bibliographical references and index.
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