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Britain's imperial retreat from China, 1900-1931
Britain's imperial retreat from China, 1900-1931

Routledge studies in the modern history of Asia ;
Chow, Phoebe, author.
256 pages ; 24 cm.
Routledge studies in the modern history of Asia ; [119]

Routledge studies in the modern history of Asia ; 119.
Laying the foundation for retreat, pre-1900 to 1925 -- British thought about China, pre-1900 -- 'Dealing gently with the Chinese in their new mood', 1900-1910 -- 'Young China' in Revolution and the First World War, 1911-1918 -- Nationalist and communist challenges to British imperialism, 1919 to early 1925 -- Britain's retreat from China, 1925-1931 -- 'There is no hope in the traditional policy of bullying': May 30th 1925 -- 'We alone are trying to do the right thing by China': the December Memorandum, 1926 -- China as a 'constant source of anxiety': the sending of the Shanghai Defence Force, 1927 -- Ending informal empire in China, 1928-1931.
"Britain's relationship with China in the nineteenth and early twentieth century is often viewed in terms of gunboat diplomacy, unequal treaties, and the unrelenting pursuit of Britain's own commercial interests. This book, however, based on extensive original research, demonstrates that in Britain, after the First World War, a combination of liberal, Labour party, pacifist, missionary and some business opinion began to argue for imperial retreat from China, and that this movement gathered sufficient momentum for a sympathetic attitude to Chinese demands becoming official Foreign Office policy in 1926. The book considers the various strands of this movement, relates developments in Britain to the changing situation in China, especially the rise of nationalism and the Guomindang, and argues that, contrary to what many people think, the reassertion of China's national rights was begun successfully in this period rather than after the Communist takeover in 1949"--Provided by publisher.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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